David Business

development systems and games

The David Business is a personal development game, which is played in the real world, Augmented Reality and online though character development, live events, video production and storytelling. The game is designed to create global and social change through empowerment and altruistic action and is based on the vision of freeing all beings from suffering.

David Business has been working on this game in collaboration with Animate Inc. for 15 years. Together we have established an international group of real people and animals that have become characters in the game who we call Presentville Players. Those characters accomplish Presentville Quests, which are real world missions that players must complete in order to move through the cartoon world. Presentville itself is the game world that mixes the real world and animated world for Players to accomplish various quests.

In the Presentville Game, the Global Peace Train delivers needed resources to Presentville Players and helps them move through their quests.